China NEEDS Israeli Innovations To Assist With Air, Traffic, And More

25066271699_4f59a1f2bc_zChina is in need of change- environmental change. Modernization efforts require the creation of smart cities, which will help with issues that come about with overcrowding and cause harm to the environment. “The country absolutely needs to upgrade its city management, from transportation to health and pollution to overcrowding. Dozens of cities now have more than 1 million people,” according to Geektime.

Israeli startups can collectively make this happen quickly for China. Between the water tech, IoT, AI, robotics, aviation, cyber security, and even VR companies that are based in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, all it would take is a shift from private and company servers, to defend large public networks of devices and utilities.

Elon Musk helped arrange hundreds of Tesla superchargers across China, and said, “Quite frankly China is well developed, has better highways and better trains than the United States: by far.” Perhaps the Chinese would be interested in Israeli car battery companies.

China is already investing a lot in Israeli companies to help strengthen ties. Kuang-Chi launched a $300 million investment fund, dedicated solely to investments in Israeli companies to assist in the needs of China. Neusoft and Infinity Group will jointly set up $250 million to invest in Israeli medical technologies over the next 3 years, which will be the first collaboration between Infinity Group, which is backed by investors and partners like the China Development Bank and Israel’s Clal Industries, and Neusoft, among China’s largest IT companies, which offers services and solutions to industries in the mobile, automotive and medical industries, according to their website.

So what should you do, if you’re an Israeli startup with the product/technology that can assist major Chinese cities in becoming smart cities? Let yourself be known to them! Watch our video below for more on that.

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