Chinese-Israeli Economic Alliance Is Going On And Strong

Remember the good ol’ days, when the majority of Israeli startup acquisitions were done by conglomerates and major corporations that were based in the US and Europe? The tides are changing, and it’s bringing our startups to China.

Tha17405124421_fa43aa5e55_zt’s right, business leaders in China are putting big money into Israeli startups, to the tune of over $15 billion. That’s only based on acquisitions that have been publicly announced. Here’s a list of only some of the acquisitions.

  1. Playtika was acquired by Shanghai Giant Network Technology for $4.4 billion
  2. Makhteshim Agan was acquired by ChemChina for $3.7 billion
  3. Tnuva was acquired by Bright Food for $2.5 billion
  4. Alma Laser, Ahava, and Oranim Medical was acquired by Fosun Pharma for $365 million
  5. Luminis was acquired by XIO Group for $510 million
  6. Tango and Visualead was acquired by AliBaba for $290 million
  7. Spacecom was acquired by Xinwei Technology Group for $285 million
  8. Waze, Magisto, Ginger Software, Stevie, and more was acquired by Horizon Ventures for $188.1 million
  9. Stockton Israel was acquired by Sichuan Hebang Corp for $176 million
  10. Partner Communications, Orange, and Kinrot was acquired by Hutchison Whampoa for $155 million
  11. SHL Telemedicine was acquired by Shanghai Jiuchuan for $130 million
  12. Technion was acquired by Li-Ka-Shing Foundation for $130 million
  13. Natali Seculife was acquired by China’s Sunpower Group for $70 million
  14. Mobileye was acquired by Sailing Capital for $75 million
  15. Pegasus Technologies was acquired by Yifang Digital for $60 million

According to the Asia Times, “Bilateral trade between China and ISrael increased from $51 million in 1992, to $11.4 billion in 2015, with a 5% yearly growth rate. China, including Hong Kong, is Israels 2nd top export destination after the US.

What does this mean? The Chinese-Israeli economic alliance is here to stay, and now is the time for Israeli startups to get on board, and join forces with the Chinese business ecosystem.

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