Lists of Wealth in China

There’s so much wealth in China. Most everyone knows that the economy is booming there, thanks to the growth of numerous markets. But have you ever thought about where the wealth actually is, and who has it? We’ll tell you!


Here’s a list of some of the wealthiest provinces in China:

  1. Guangdong
  2. Jiangsu
  3. Shandong
  4. Zhejiang
  5. Henan
  6. Liaoning
  7. Sichuan
  8. Fujian

These are the wealthiest cities:

  1. Karamay (Has one of the largest oil fields in China.)
  2. Dongguan (Chinas largest shopping mall is located here.)
  3. Suzhou (Close to 100 of the top Fortune 500 companies have offices here.)
  4. Foshan (One of the earliest ports involved in foreign trade in the 80’s.)
  5. Wuxi (Rapid economic development)
  6. Zhuhai (Famous for its hot springs)
  7. Zhongshan (Rapid development of hi-tech industry)
  8. Zhoushan (Home to one of the worlds four largest fisheries.)

Here are some of the wealthiest people in China. They are all multi-billionaires with a net worth over $6 Billion.

  1. Liang Wengen – Construction
  2. Zong Qinghou – Beverages
  3. Yan Bin – Beverages
  4. Xu Jiayin – Real Estate
  5. Wang Jianlin – Real Estate
  6. Wu Yajun – Real Estate
  7. Liu Yongxing – Animal Feed
  8. He Xiangjlang – Appliances

These are some of the wealthiest companies in China:

  1. PetroChina: Oil and gas company
  2. Bank of China: Banking
  3. China Construction: Banking
  4. China Pet & Chem: Oil and gas
  5. China Telecom: Telecommunications
  6. China Life Insurance: Life and health insurance
  7. Bank of Communications: Banking
  8. Baoshan Iron and Steel: Iron and steel industry

The largest shopping centers in China were all built between 2006-2010:

  1. Shanghai IFC
  2. Shin Kong Place
  3. Shanghai PLaza
  4. Seasons Place
  5. Park Life Yintai Center

These are the most luxurious Chinese brands:

  1. Chow Tai Fook: Luxury jewelery
  2. Omnialuo: Women’s apparel
  3. Erdos Cashmere: High-end Mongolian cashmere and wool for woven and knitted garments
  4. Xiangyunsha Silk: Leading silk manufacturer
  5. Wuliangye: Baijiu and other liquor products
  6. Changyu: High-end liquor products
  7. Kweichow Mao Tai: Most famous liquor of China
  8. Dorian Ho: Luxury fashion


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