The Ultimate List of Resources for Israeli Startups- #KaipuLearning

At Kaipule, we’re all about uniting the Israeli startup ecosystem with the Chinese business ecosystem. We are also big on sharing insights to help startups flourish more efficiently and keep at it with their innovations. So we decided to begin the #KaipuLearning initiative. Our #KaipuLearning posts will consist of quality information that will be beneficial for all startups of course, but with a special focus on Israeli startups.

For our first #KaipuLearning post, we decided to put together the ultimate list of resources for Israeli startups. We figured it would be a major time saver for everyone. Here it goes!



    • Need A List of VCs in Israel?
      Have a look at this list by BoogarLists.
      The list of VCs are alphabetized, and includes detailed paragraphs on what they are interested in, what they specialize in, and where they are located. Though it doesn’t appear so at first glance, the names of each firm is indeed a hyperlinked to their respective sites. This list makes it super easy to find VCs, but please don’t get carried away messaging them. Make sure they are relevant, and learn from the experiences with a few before you reach out to others.


    • Looking for Incubators or Accelerators in Israel?
      Look no further than 972VC.
      972VC is very easy to scroll through. Each of their listings only takes up 2-3 lines: one for the name of the Incubator/Accelerator, one for a few keywords describing what they are, and one for their location. They also offer users the capability to filter by category.




  • Need More Info In General?
    Check out “The Spreadsheet” by Eden Shochat.
    It’s long. And it contains many categories you can click on at the top for an expanded view of the spreadsheet. Categories include journalists, internships, programs, startup contests, and more.


Stay tuned for the next #KaipuLearning blog post next Wednesday!

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