How To Land A Job In Israeli Innovation- A Guide For Olim

RunningThe key to the success of Israeli innovations comes from within. One great thing about the culture in most of these work environments is the diversity within team members. The staff, in most cases, are comprised of locals of course- and also expats and olim. The latter groups hail from glittering countries around the world, which gives them an added edge in terms of language, skill sets, experiences, and in many cases, even their personalities.

But that doesn’t mean they can simply march up to a company and walk out with an impressive offer letter. In order to be a part of the innovation, you need to either prove yourself to be the best, or demonstrate the interest and willpower to hustle to become the best.

You may have to enroll in some courses locally, network in industry event, take part in seminars and workshops, and even take your efforts to brand yourself as the best online.

We came across this insightful slideshow by Hayim Makabee of Pontis, which beautifully details the steps that need to be taken for olim to secure a great career within one of the sectors in Israeli innovation. Be sure to take notes as you go through it.

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